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8 Odd Pregnancy Symptoms to Expect in Your Third Trimester

Ah friends, we have been on quite a journey, have we not? It seems there is not a pregnancy symptom we have not covered. In the previous posts of this series, we have talked about the fun, gross, weird, unpleasant, yet normal pregnancy symptoms of the first two trimesters of pregnancy. If this is your …

tongue tie
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What to Expect When Getting Your Baby’s Tongue-Tie Fixed

If you and your newborn have had any problems nursing, such as pain, a poor latch, or poor weight gain, there’s a good chance that your baby may have a tongue-tie. Tongue-tie is fairly common in infants. My lactation consultant said that in the mothers she visits who are having nursing problems, a very large …

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9 Tips for Combatting Morning Sickness

I’m sorry, dear friend, that you have stumbled across this post, because it likely means that you have searched “morning sickness” on Pinterest, which means you are suffering right now! Or, hopefully, you just found out you are pregnant, and you’re trying to be prepared! Yay! Either way, you are probably reading this because you …