plugged milk duct

How to Treat a Plugged Milk Duct

These tips will help you address your plugged milk duct naturally, before it leads to the development of mastitis. Unfortunately, I, like many breastfeeding mothers, have suffered from plugged milk ducts from time to time. This is especially common for me during the postpartum period, or the first six weeks after birth. My daughter and …

treat plugged milk ducts

How to Prevent Plugged Milk Ducts and Mastitis


If you suffer often from plugged milk ducts or mastitis, there are steps you can take to prevent it from reoccurring. Follow this simple advice to avoid future plugged ducts or mastitis! Mastitis sucks. Plugged milk ducts suck. I’m guessing you, the reader, are well aware of this, or you would not be reading this …