postpartum essentials

Postpartum Essentials I didn’t know I needed

This list outlines all of the postpartum essentials you’ll need when you get home from the hospital. When you are finally discharged from the hospital, reality sets in. You have a beautiful new baby, but you also have a body that is completely different from when you arrived at the hospital. Gone are the nurses …

plugged milk duct

How to Treat a Plugged Milk Duct

These tips will help you address your plugged milk duct naturally, before it leads to the development of mastitis. Unfortunately, I, like many breastfeeding mothers, have suffered from plugged milk ducts from time to time. This is especially common for me during the postpartum period, or the first six weeks after birth. My daughter and …

tongue tie

What to Expect When Getting Your Baby’s Tongue-Tie Fixed


If you and your newborn have had any problems nursing, such as pain, a poor latch, or poor weight gain, there’s a good chance that your baby may have a tongue-tie. Tongue-tie is fairly common in infants. My lactation consultant said that in the mothers she visits who are having nursing problems, a very large …


How I (finally) Lost the Baby Weight – The FWTFL Program


A quick search on Pinterest of “How to lose baby weight” reveals article after article promising to teach you how to lose the baby weight just six weeks postpartum, to lose weight by drinking lots of protein shakes, or empty promises that the weight will fall right off if you breastfeed. Let it be known …