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My Baby Registry for Two Under Two

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I’ve seen thousands of posts flooding Pinterest informing expecting mothers about what they need to put on their baby registry to survive their baby’s first year.

Those posts are great, but this time around, I am making a baby registry for two under two. When this next baby rolls around, my two children will be just 18 months apart. My registry looks completely different as a result.

I’ve realized properly preparing for two under two will be crucial to my sanity in the beginning months. I also think that having two babies so close together means that you actually need a lot more for your second child than someone who has their babies further apart, because your first child may still be using a lot of the baby items.

So, this is the complete list of everything I’m buying for our second baby. I’d recommend you do the same as you make your baby registry for two under two!

But first – should you even make a baby registry?

“Wait, Amy, isn’t it tacky to make a registry for your second child?”

No, no it is not. Let me explain why.

While baby showers are more common for your first baby, there are still many nice family members and friends who will ask you what you need. People love to help, and giving them a link to your registry is an easy way for people to see exactly what would be most helpful to you.

However, the main reason I’m making a baby registry the second time around is for the discount. I’ve made my registry with Amazon, because they offer a 15 percent completion discount on all items on your registry for Prime members, or 10 percent for non-members.

This doesn’t mean that people have to buy things off your registry for you to get the discount. This means that simply by making a registry, you can save 15% on all items for your baby registry for two under two!

So, you better believe I’ve made a registry the second time around – I just might be the only one that buys anything πŸ˜‰

Changing Pad

With two children in diapers, my toddler will still be using her changing pad. This means that I need one for the nursery, and for my toddler’s room. In fact, I’ve decided to get two new changing pads so that I have one to keep downstairs as well.

With my first, I used a foldable changing pad downstairs when she was younger, and then began going upstairs for every diaper change once she got a bit older. This wasn’t a big deal with one, but I know I’m not going to want to shlep everyone upstairs with me when I’m changing a newborn’s diaper ten times a day.

I’ve also found I prefer to change my toddler on a changing pad (on the ground or on a higher surface) rather than a foldup mat, because it signals to her that it is time to lay still.

Of course, if you live in a smaller house, your children are sharing a room, or you live in a one-story home, you can probably make do with one changing pad. If not, which one should you buy?

For newborns, I highly recommend one made of silicone like this Skip Hop Changing Pad. Regardless of how great you think you are at changing a diaper, pee and poo accidents do happen. It’s much easier to wipe down one of these than to wash a changing pad cover. The Skip Hop changing pad is also very budget-friendly compared to the keekaroo peanut changer!

Once a baby becomes a toddler with less explosive poos, I prefer the standard changing pad like this one. Their heavy bodies just need a little more cushion! Register for whichever one you don’t have yet. πŸ™‚


While this is a gross concept, I swear by the OogieBear, or “booger picker”, as we call it in our house.

Essentially, it’s a small plastic tool that has a plastic loop on each end for safely removing boogers and earwax. Each loop is attached to a little teddy bear that prevents it from going too far into the nose or the ear.

These features are so important to safely clean your child’s nose and ears. A q-tip may seem like a good idea initially, but when your baby is thrashing around, it’s hard to use them safely. Also, unlike q-tips, the Oogiebear is pediatrician-approved. Your child may actually like it if you make it a big deal; my toddler loves to walk around with hers in her nose saying “booger.”

For your baby registry for two under two, I’d recommend the two-pack. One color per child, so there is no cross-contamination of boogers. πŸ˜‰


If you already have one child, I’m sure you’re familiar with the NoseFrieda. It’s taken the parenting world by storm, and I doubt I need to convince you of its magical powers.

But, for a baby registry for two under two, I’d recommend buying a second, as your oldest likely still does not know how to effectively blow their nose. Just as is the case with the OogieBear, I’m getting a second NoseFrieda for my second baby to avoid booger-sharing and germ-spreading between the two. (Oh, the things I never thought I’d write about on the internet!)

Double Stroller

As much as I’d like to resist getting another stroller, at 18 months apart, my oldest just started walking and cannot be trusted to walk around by herself. My criteria for my double stroller was:

  • Must be stadium seating. There’s no way I can fit a double-wide stroller through the clothing racks of TJ-Maxx.
  • Must grow with my children. I wanted something that would work with an infant and toddler, two toddlers, and a toddler and a slightly older child. I never want to buy another stroller again!
  • Must fit my infant car seat. When searching for a double stroller, make sure you check if it’s convertible with your infant car seat, or you’ll end up buying a whole new travel system!
  • Must be compact when folded. I need a double stroller that won’t take up my whole trunk. Mama needs room for a stroller and for groceries!

I hope these criteria are helpful to you. If you are also on the lookout for something that fits these criteria to put on your baby registry for two under two, I’m thrilled to have found the Joovy Caboose Too Graphite Stand-On Tandem Stroller. It’s compact, lightweight, and single-file. It’s compatible with most major car seat brands. Best of all, it can be used for an infant seat + upright seat, two upright seats, or an upright seat + sit and stand.

I will update this post after I’ve had my second baby and have actually used the stroller. Fingers crossed that this is the last stroller I ever have to buy!

If you need to buy a new stroller, this alone would be worth creating the Amazon registry to save 15%.

Large Backpack-Style Diaper Bag

With two youngins, it’s practically a guarantee that I’ll always have at least one child in my arms. A backpack diaper bag is essential to keep my hands free. It’s also important that I have a very large-capacity diaper bag since I’ll need double the amount of diapers, changes of clothes, and room for bottles and snacks.

I had a backpack diaper bag with my first, in one of the styles like this that are super popular on Amazon and seem to be popular amongst many moms. (Once in the church nursery, there were literally four other grey sporty backpack diaper bags.)

Unfortunately, after just 18 months of use, I found that many of the pockets inside the diaper bag ripped. It was also practically overflowing all of the time.

After researching diaper bags for hours (No exaggeration, my husband mocks me for this), the Fawn diaper bag seemed to come out as front-runner for size and style. But, I couldn’t justify the $179. Luckily, I found this knock-off on Amazon for less than a quarter of the price, and after using it for a month, I’m in love! It’s fashionable, comfortable, practical and huge. I’d argue it’s actually better than the Fawn diaper bag because it has two insulated pockets for bottles.

Wyze Cams

I don’t care if you already have a fancy baby monitor from your first child; you need to sell that one on FB marketplace and get Wyze Cams instead.

Depending on the model, Wyze Cams are extremely affordable at only $25-$35 each.

The live feed connects to an app on your phone via WiFi. I’ve found I actually prefer a baby monitor that uses WiFi so that I don’t have to carry around a separate screen, or worry about going out of range in my yard or on vacation.

The second Wyze Cam is a top item on my baby registry for two under two is because I don’t have to buy an entirely different camera system; Wyze can support an unlimited amount of cameras. So, I’ll have one in my toddler’s room, one in the baby’s room, and I plan on adding one per child, per room until they become private teenagers!


My 18-month-old is still using pacifiers, though only when going to sleep for naps and bedtime.

For the sake of cleanliness and being able to tell my children’s pacifiers apart, I’m getting all new color-coded pacifiers. My daughter’s pacifiers are pink and purple, so I’m getting blue for the new baby.

Even if your first child is done using pacifiers, it’s still recommended to get new pacifiers for sanitation reasons and due to wear-and-tear.

I had multiple lactation consultants tell me that the Phillip’s Advent Soothies are the ideal nipple shape for breast-fed babies because they encourage proper tongue movement. I plan on using them for my second baby as well.

Luckily, the Wubanub pacifiers also use the Phillip’s Soothie. I found these so useful with my first, because the stuffed animal helped it stay in her mouth and was easy for her to grab onto as she got older. However, she has gotten very attached to her elephant, so I’m getting a couple of different new animals for baby #2.

Pump Parts and Bottles

I did quite a bit of pumping with my first, and there are some parts that get worn out more easily than others. The plastic phalanges are fine, but the duckbills tend to develop small holes and tears really easily.

There’s nothing worse than needing to pump and discovering that one tiny part isn’t working. I’m stocking up on new duckbill valves and other worn-out parts on my baby registry for two under two.

The same also goes for bottles. I didn’t use mine too often with my first after the first few weeks when we had to exclusively pump, so my bottles are in good shape. However, if you used yours frequently with your first, you’ll want to replace the nipples for your newborn.

Baby Bum Brush

I truly don’t know how parents survived before the Baby Bum Brush. It’s essentially a butt spatula for diaper cream. I would much rather use this nifty tool than use my finger to put diaper cream in my baby’s parts and then have to struggle to wash off a substance that is made to be water-resistant.

Just like the OogieBear and NoseFrieda, I’m getting a second Bum Brush for the new baby. One butt spatula per butt, please.


My first child is still sleeping in her crib, and I plan on keeping it that way for as long as I can. It’s nice that my husband and I decide when it’s time for her to get out of bed!

Because she’s still sleeping in her crib, we need a second set of all bedding for the new baby, including a crib, mattress, mattress protectors, and sheets.

If I were you, I would recommend trying to find a crib used from a friend or online such as FB Marketplace. People are constantly getting rid of cribs. Just make sure that you get a crib that meets all sleep safety standards.

Even with a free crib, I would not trust a free mattress or used sheets. I just don’t trust that they were cleaned properly. Does that make me a germ freak? I love the American Baby Company sheets – they are soft, affordable, and have held up very well with my first.

Smaller Baby Bathtub

With my first, I had the huge whale Fisher-Price bathtub. It worked fine, but has some drawbacks. 1) It’s huge and always seems to be in the way somewhere when drying, and 2) It’s huge so it takes up almost the entire bathtub.

I think you’ll notice that I am clearly bothered by the size of the Fisher-Price bathtub. With two kiddos in the bath at the same time, I don’t want that monstrosity taking up the whole tub.

I’ve since discovered the Angelcare Baby Bath Support. It comes highly recommended by seasoned mothers of multiple children, including my sister. It is supposedly much easier to bathe the baby in this style bathtub, and it dries out very quickly without taking up the entire bathroom.

Baby Doll

This item isn’t exactly a necessity on my baby registry for two under two. However, I think that it is a great item to consider to help your older child with the transition of the new baby in the home.

Having a baby doll will allow your child to feel included in what mom and dad are doing, because they can copy you as you care for the new baby. I think it will be easier to explain what is going on when I can encourage my daughter to take care of her baby doll.

Someone actually gifted us a doll set similar to this one, which comes with the doll, a crib, two bottles, and an outfit. All the doll will need as one of the new baby’s diapers and my toddler will be ready to parent!

Baby Socks

Even if you have a baby of the same gender as before, baby socks get lost. They fall off at the grocery store or get sucked in by the washing machine. I’m planning on buying a pack of socks rather than borrowing my friends’ any so that I don’t have to worry about them getting lost.

I’ve also heard from mothers of multiple children to stop buying socks with fun colors and designs. It just adds more work during laundry because you have to spend time pairing them all up – and then you end up with several without a match. This time around, I’m getting all-white baby socks that can be paired easily!


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